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How To Prepare For Your First Ibiza Holiday

What’s up my party people! Glad to see you guys back..

In today’s post I will be going over my preparing process for Ibiza.

If you are a first timer to my brand new, but already on the run blog.. you can catch up with my last post by clicking here.

Alright cool, now that we are all caught up and on the same page..

Let’s get right into todays post..

How I Prepared For My First Ibiza Holiday

First things first, I would say the most expensive thing will be your flight. Of course this depends where you are flying from, but where I am at in Texas, my flight alone was about $900.

If you live around the East Coast, then it should be a little cheaper.

My first tip would be to start planning your trip at ideally 6 months to a year out. Obviously the more time you have to save the better. By doing this, you allow yourself to gradually make the biggest pay off of flight and hotel seem like it’s nothing. I had friends who said they were going to go but didn’t start saving till way later in the year. Well they didn’t end up going since they couldn’t pay all of that in such a short amount of time.

I had planned about 10 months out and what I did was put at least 100-200 dollars a month aside. In my mind this was going to get my flight and hotel paid for pretty much early on so I didn’t really feel the big hit off paying for the flight since I had been saving already.

Tip #2

Travel with friends.

I say this more on the safety side. When I did my research, there were a few sites that talked about some areas not being safe. To be honest, I never really felt unsafe. But with that said, I had a buddy of mine that was there as well.

As much as I am all about the party, I am a smart “partyer” I would say this goes especially if you are going with a girl. Having a buddy there you know someone has your back at all times.


The longgg flight over.

To be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. First of all, we flew American Airlines, and they took care of us.

As soon as we got to our seat, we had a pillow and blanket waiting for us with a set of headphones. They had a huge selection of movies that you could watch. And they feed you two main meals, either breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, depending on when you are flying.

If anything, I would take a couple snacks if you are someone who needs to be eating something every couple hours.

Also stretch in between the isles helped me out.

Hope these 3 tips help you out!

Tomorrow I will be going over what to wear when you are over there!


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